Friday, January 28, 2011

CornFlakes Cookies

I'm feeling kind of lazy after baking 20+gongs of pineapple tartz to share with close frens.... I tot I lost my baking-energy to bake more CNY stuff. Yesterday afternoon I walked to my opposite block's bakery shop with intension to buy some cornflakes cookies but they r selling @ SGD13.00 for a small container!!! I put the containers back to the shop shelf and came back home to bake my own. Here's it.... after 2 hrs of preparation, baking, packing and washing... 3 gongs of Cornflakes Cookies from my oven. Ingredients cost is less than SGD5.00 ba ;-) and my gong is 50% bigger than the bakery shop de :P
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Breakfast Today Berries Cupcake + PineApple Tartz

Breakfast for my girls today.... Berries cupcake and PineApple Tartz

Baked 5 containers of Pineapple Tartz yesterday afternoon (again!) ;-)

from the left over ingredients of An-An's Birthday cake... I made these cuppies for Nyx & Tessa ;-)
With a cup of HL milk... Nyx asked for more pineapple tartz :D but i got to stop her coz she is putting on lots of weight lately :P

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Berries Hamburger Cake for An-An & her mummy's Birthday

Did this Berries Hamburger Cake for An-An & her mummy.
Knew this wonderful family from my last BKK trip... where we all stayed @ the beautiful Budacco Hotel.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake for Tessa's 5th Birthday

Another year past! And my little Tessa is 5!!!

Made another "hamburger cake" using my rice cooker again ;-)
Everyone is sick of fondant :P so i just use them for the "cut-out"messages.
Eating big chunks of fondant is too unhealthy and yucky!!! So, I'm using DecoPac cake topper again :D at least Tessa can keep it as a toy after she eat the cake ;-)

Rice cooker cake is quick and easy!
and we all love Strawberries and blueberries + Whipped cream ;-)

This DecoPac is so sweet!
I love Strawberry Shortcake too since young... I still keep a collection of the mini dolls in the vintage version ;-)
Remembered someone suggested why dun i simply buy a cake from some 5-stars Hotel and I dun need to spend hours messing, whisking and washing in the kitchen baking + decorating???!!!! But I feel that MY cake is far beyond any "HOTEL-standard" kind of cake coz its full of my LOVE for my love ones :D

and it just reminded me of that sweet sweet PINK room @ Budacco Hotel where i stayed last Sept during my Bangkok Shopping Trip.... I want to go back there.... SOON!!!!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PineApple Tartz again

Its the time of the year again... CNY! Pineapple tarts r my fav. snack since young. its a must-have for me every year... but ever since i left seagate in year 2000, i can't find the taste of those very nice tarts my ex-colleage bought for me anymore. even those local hotel de also cannot be compared to those Lily bought from her JB friend who made them @ home. Till 2years ago, a lady from Richard's Baking class gave me this recipe.... Its very similar to those "very nice"tarts Lily bought for me long time ago ;-)
Trail run for my CNY production which starts next week :D
I love my "bite-size"pineapple tart! coz u can put the whole "flower" in your mouth and guest won't be dropping bits of tarts all over my sofa :P save my trouble cleaning up :P and someone was using my THIS idea i told her about last year, claiming that she tot of it!!! ANGRY >:( how could she tot of it and still making tarts double the size of this???
I tried the unsalted version for this trail run... Hubby love them and finished 2 containers in 2 days. He will blame me for his weight gain again!! >:(
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