Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Super Cute Chawanmushi by ME

my girls commented that this tasted better than Ishi Maru's :D


Ikea Pancake with Banana + a scoop of my homemade ice-cream. Yummy!!! :D

And who says u cannot eat ice-cream for breakfast??? :P

Berry Berries Popsicles and Ice-Cream

Craving for these in this super hot season in Sunny Singapore... so I made them ;-)

Steamed Salmon for Dinner

Steamed Salmon on Brown Rice + Buttered Brocolli

Back to my Cooking

Lunch: Ketchup Prawns on Brown Rice + Egg + Buttered Brocolli

Dinnwe: Basil Leaves Chicken on Brown Rice + Buttered Brocolli

Yum yummmzzz! ;-)

Dinner at Ishi Mura again

$7.90 only! Cheap and Yummy :D

Roti and Teh-Si for Breakfast

AMK hub food court


Very Nice Roasted Chicken Drumstick Noodle from 630 Coffee Shop

$1 Chawanmushi

Very nice for $1 in Singapore!
From Ishi Mura, Northpoint.

Ngiow Sai

Ngiow Sai
Bah Hoo
Pork Floss Sticks
whatever you call it..... =))

Snack I bought back from BKK

Fluffy Scramble Eggs with Ham + Baked Beans

Lazy Brunch at 11.30am..... cook, eat, and back to nuar in bed :D

MacBreakfast: Egg Muffin Meal

I'll eat this or Big Breakfast whenever I have Breakfast at Mac :D

My Monthly Dose of BLOOD!

Pork Liver 猪肝

Most needed for the lowblood although I hate the taste, seriously!!! :(


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