Thursday, July 30, 2009

30July09: Cookie Decoration Class @ Mong's place

I attended this Cookie Decoration Class today @ Mong's place... See these cookies I decorated? So pretty right? ...My preparation work for next week's project... Nyx ordered a batch of cookies for National Day celebration at her school next Friday...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Princess Cupcakes

I printed some extra icing images for my girls....
Pretty princess on cupcakes....

Cinderella for Nyx & Snow White for Tessa

Nyx brought these for breakfast on 16Jul, Thursday

Dessert for Tessa :D

15 July 2009: Princess Rapunzel & Ben10 Cupcakes

Nyx's best friend in school, Ketian's Birthday is just 2 days from hers... just like any 6yrs old girls... they r all crazy over Disney Princesses fairy tales and they want to own whatever princess they come across...
I was having breakfast with Ketian's mummy last week and she wonder where to get a Birthday cake for Ketian with Princess Rapunzel?? As this was quite a old release from Disney Barbie collection, its rather mission impossible :-( Then I play hero again lor :P I volunteer to make birthday cake for Ketian, using icing image... but I will do only on cupcakes as to my experience, the icing images on cakes cannot be cut, so, the tiny piece of icing on cupcake go straight into the mouth :D
That evening, i spent almost 3hrs surfing the net, searching for Rapunzel images to be crop out so I can submit my order to for printing.... they need 3 days advance order for the images and so suay, the person was on leave... so I can only collect my icing on Saturday, 11Jul.

Then i copied and crop these pictures as my icing images.

14 July 2009: I started baking the cupcakes and mixed color to the butter cream as Sally (Ketian's mummy) ordered KFC meals for the class Lunch... and I need to deliver the cakes by 11.30am on 15 July.

Cupcakes hot from the oven

Colorful butter cream icing

There they go inside the pipping bags
Fondant fun... Pretty flowers & leaves...
(1st time trying out my plunger tools bought from JB) :D
I creamed all the cupcakes before I go to bed... then before I sleep, hubby asked me what decoration I'm doing for the Ben 10? I told him I'm pipping a ring of green and yellow stars around the icing images. He said boys dun like stars! Then he showed me a picture of the Ben10 watch he downloaded from web.. he said I should pipe a ring of Black icing instead =x
Then I get off the bed, took out my fondant tools and made these "watch rings"!! Have green and yellow light some more :)) haha! Not bad leh! Then I go back to sleep.... around 1am!
and Princess Rapunzel goes on the cupcakes
I think I got addicted to fondant... they created much better effects compared to butter cream
And there they go inside the boxes...

And they r delivered to the Birthday girl in school.... Sister Keyu & Ketian... Mummy Sally busy distributing KFC Kiddy Chicky meals to the children...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ketian.... ;-)

Lovely "6" candle from Daiso :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

13 July 2009: Nyx's 6th Birthday

My Nyx is 6 today!

After Nyx ate those cupcakes+figurines I made in my Fondant making class, she placed order for birthday cake.

She wanted sport cars for the boys with their names on the cars; ballet shoes, princess crowns and magic wands for the girls... of coz I agreed!

My Princess Nyx is 6!

MeiMei Tessa on her left, best friend Ketian on her right

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Candles from BKK ~ only 40 Baht!
But they were melting away when lighted.. so we blew them off :(

Feel So Proud! I made these Cupcake!

Sport Cars on grass, with the Boys' Initials
The Drivers wear shades leh ;D

Ballet Shoes, Princess Crowns & Magic Wands for the Girls

I think the kids love these cupcakes i made :D I think everyone finished their cupcake before I left school... I brought Tessa home and Nyx stayed back as she had class to attend.

When I picked Nyx about an hour later, her teacher, Mrs Siva thank me (again) for the cakes! And she told me one of the boys actually kept the fondant car in his school bag! (Nyx will find out who is that boy tomorrow!)

13 July 2009: The Making of My Daughter's Birthday Cake

I started planning last Friday, 10July... I had stopped doing planning of my work ever since I stopped working 4yrs ago... See, I so serious! I write down the details on notepad wor :D

I started off mixing coloring to the white fondant... then i wrap them in cling wrap to prevent them from drying out...
See those little white balls? they r soon to be those ballet shoes :-)

Here comes the yellow sport cars...
black balls r the wheels
white balls r the drivers
flower cookie cutters does the shades :D
15 cars done-ded
Princess Crowns & Magic Wand in progress....
Figurines all Done :D
13 July 2009 9:00am
I started baking cupcakes... ya ya ya... I'm LAZY! I used pre-mixed cupcake mix from JB! since they r in the drawer for some time, I better use them b4 they expired!
This pack makes 33 cupcakes wor! Cheap cheap hor? :D
Cupcakes hot from the oven
My piping tips :D
Sport cars done, spot light fixed, initials embossed.
Ballet Shoes, Crowns and magic wands all done
....and There they go inside the boxes...
And they r delivered to our dear Princess Nyx..
Special credit goes to my Shifu, Mong ( for teaching me how to make those pretty figurines.... this happy mood wouldn't be possible if I didn't attend her workshop :-) ... and also THANKS to my dear baking pal Lifeng for recommending Mong's workshop to me.


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