Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tessa's Birthday Cake No. 3

And here's the 3rd Birthday cake for Tessa! :D for celebration at grandma's place together with cousins on Saturday, 16 Jan.

This is my 1st mini fondant tier-cake attempt. ~我成功了~:D and I'm so happy that this cake was welcomed by so many "WOWs" from everyone @ Ah-Mah's house :-)
The Hello Kitty cutter from Jenn 几好用一下wor :D
....And here's a slice of the cake....
Confession time =P
I bought a pack of "Phoon Huat" Brand fondant and I coloured them pink with intension to cover the bottom layer of the cake. The top layer, I'lll be using my only pack of Wilton brand fondant. By the time I'm ready to cover the "pink" cake, TROUBLE!!! The pink fondant kept breaking up :( I knead and knead, some kept sticking to my fondant mat while the rest simply breaks up into crumps.... I just can't get them into the right texture :( After more then half an hour trying on the fondant, I GAVE UP!! I threw the whole pack into the dustbin X(
So at the very last minute, I colour part of my Wilton Fondant "PINK". Its already almost midnight and I realised I dun have enough fondant to cover the whole of the lower layer cake.. so I cut out 1 pc for the top part and 2 pcs for the side of the cake. It did cover well initially but by the next morning, the side pc start to slide down and as u can see from the picture below, there is a crack and the inside cake is exposed!! so ugly :(

I had only a tiny bit of white fondant left and i HOPE this idea works :D I rolled out 3 stripes of fondant and embossed it a little to make it look like a ribbon, then I stick them on the "crack" to cover-up the exposed area :D heheeheee... heng arh!!! it works!!! :D

And I'm so glad my 1st Fondant Tier-Cake attempt recieved quite a bit of compliments from everyone!

=*> ~ Thank You ~ =*>


  1. This cake looks great! I never would have guessed it was your first fondant cake. The ribbons look really good too, way to be creative!

  2. Thanks for visiting ;-) & thanks for your kind words too =*>

  3. Oh wow! You did an amazing job on the cake. That looks so good. Your daughter must have loved it!!!

  4. Thanks nooschi :) yes, i'm glad that my daughter loved it very much!

  5. Three beautiful cakes?! Lucky girl!

  6. Wouw, your cake looks so sweet and delicious. Well Done. :)



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