Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Trying out the Cowhead Margarine.  Texture is similar to the usual butter I used.  This is not as oily, less yellowish in color and its softer.  

End product is better than I expected.  The cookies is crunchy and tasted yummy.  Only thing is that its slightly more saltish compared to my previous bakes.  

Overall, happy with the result.  Will try out more bakes with this Cowhead Margarine.

Buttery Taste Margarine

Been answering lots of questions recently regarding baking and baking ingredients. Since when had I become an "Baking-Advisor" ??! 😁

Came across this Cowhead Margarine without Palm oil contents.  And its cheap!  3x250g blocks for only SGD4.50!  I bought 3pcs to try try😉


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