Monday, January 30, 2012

Peaches Vs Moon? 元宵节吃桃子的传说

正月十五,半夜12点,对着月亮吃桃子,月母娘娘会保佑你年年美美! Hahaha! u believe in such a story? but the person who told us this legend is indeed 美美的 lor :D anyway, i try to get my 2 gals eat peaches every year whenever i can remember. ;-)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Henghua Mee Suah by my mama

I'm a Henghua. My great grand-dad came to singapore long ago from Putien, China. That makes me the 3rd generation Singaporean Henghua :D. but sorry, I can't speak the language coz no one speaks Henghua in sg anymore. I can still understand what it meant if I hear anyone speaks it ;-) but I can only respond in mandarin. hahaa...

Henghua eats this dish for every occasion. Since this is CNY season, we r eating it every other day lor :D

my mum will prepare lots of 好料 to go with the henghua mee suah.... the usual Henghua way! ;-)

Wobbly Tau Huay 滑滑的豆花

I made this Tau Huay last nite b4 I go to bed for today's Breakfast ;-)

I Love Tau Huay since I was a child. But as I grew older, I'm sticking to Mr Bean's Bean Curd for its unique and strong scent of 豆味. Those Pasat stall Tau Huay cannot make it anymore :P Although the famous Rochor Rd Tau Huay is very smooth in texture but they dun have that 豆的味道 :( anyway, I'm missing the very thick and creammy, unsweetened Soy Milk drink from Courtyard Times Square @ Seoul, Korea. I'll never find its replacement :(

Actually I didn't have the intention to make Tau Huay at all. I bought a pack of Unisoy Soy Milk instant drink from Fairprice last week, hoping to "smell" some 豆味 from the drink... Yes! there is indeed some 豆味 in this drink :D but its too sweet for my liking :( (btw, I'm someone who dislike sweet-tasting stuff :P) And I found this "secret recipe"within the package :D so I did some experiment b4 I slept last nite :D hehee...

Here's the "Secret Recipe" :D

I doubled the recipe... so I used 4 sachets of the Instant Powder.
+ 8g gelatine powder
+ 800g warm water
Stir-in everything well. (I used a whisk to do so)
Pour into bowls/cups/moulds as u wish
Cover well
Leave on tabletop to cool-off for 5-10mins
Put into Fridge to set overnight

I searched the web for a recipe for the tau huay syrup and came upon Baking Quinn's recipe :D
I love Pandan favor but not ginger... so I omitted the ginger slices for my syrup.
Here's 200g water + 70g honey rock sugar + 2 pandan leaves knotted together
Boil everything mixing everything together. Leave the Pandan leaves in to infuse the Syrup.

This is what I got the next morning when I woke up! :D
Not Bad after all!! The texture is seriously wobbly and smooth! My Tessa finished all within a minute! ;-) So Happy! :D

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another batch of Pineapple Tartz

I made another batch today. and i can't stop snapping pix for them ;-)

Here's how i did them...
Pre-heat oven @160•celcius.

Tart Recipe
250g Plain flour
100g Cake flour
50g Icing sugar
(sieve the above 3 powder together)
250g butter (salted)
(Hard from fridge, cut into 1-2cm cubes)
1 egg yolk

Use rubbing-in method. Rub in everything with finger-tips till it form a dough.
Roll out to 0.5cm thickness. Cut out using any cutter of your choice.
brush the tarts top with egg glaze (see below)

egg glaze
1 egg white
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 tiny drop yellow coloring

Place a pineapple ball-ball in the middle of the cut and glazed tart.
Brush the ball-balls with egg glaze.
(As I really have no time to go JB to buy my usual pineapple jam, I used ready-made pineapple jam from Phoon Huat this time round. I pre-roll them into tiny ball-ball few days before to make my life easier =D)

Bake at 160•celcius for 15mins.
Increase to 180•celcius, top heat for further 2-3mins to get that "golden-brown" look ;-)

love! hope u love them too! ;-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

another batch :D

previous batch recipe was using 350g plain flour. easier to shape and details were clear. but i felt tat the texture is too "biscuit" :( For me, its kind of too hard for tartz... i still prefer tat "melt in your mouth" texture. so i modified this batch with 250g plain flour + 100g cake flour.

the dough is very "melty" in this hot sg weather. need to work really fast! however, the details r not very clear as u can see in the pix. but tat "melt in your mouth" texture is back! yeah! ;-) yummy yummy :D lolz...

CNY Pineapple Tartz... another pix

the pix uploaded using blogger via iphone is kind of too big to fit into the blog space :( think i'll upload everything here in portrait size from now =)

GONG XI FA CAI everybody! HAPPY AND PROSPEROuS dragon year 2012 ;-)

Sunday, January 15, 2012


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