Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lousy Cake Workshop @ B-I-Y :(

I attended a lousy cake workshop today at B-I-Y :( I signed up for a Topsy Turvy Cake Demonstration class but the instructor was showing us only how to put fondant on 2 cakes then, stack them up to form a tier-cake... I was not satisfied with the demo so I questioned the instructor about how I thought a "Topsy Turvy" cake should look like... then she started slicing the tier-cake here and there and at the end of the class, this is how HER version of "Topsy Turvy" cake looked like!!!! Haiz... wat a waste of time :( B-I-Y standard drop until like this arh!!! Really DISSAPPOINTED!!

OMG... that's the Instructor's version of "Topsy Turvy" cake!! :( so messy!!

I further question her about what I expected to learn from this class... and I even drew her some picture of the shape of cake I tot it should be... then she started flipping the cake here and there and... oh well... like tat oso can teach arh!!! **faintz**
anyway, that class was really total wastage of my time... I think I can get better demonstration from those youtube clips anytime :D luckily I got some nice catch from the retail shop... :D

shimmer dust aka make-up for mybakez....

Sweet Boxes with inserts for individual cuppies :D Cupcake wraps.... ssooooooo Princess!! :D


  1. aww that sucks.. the picture of the cake was funny tho

  2. totally agree!! lousy lousy lousy!!!

  3. I am appalled.


  4. what's even more shocking was the reply from cheryl :( I will never go back there or recommend anyone for any workshop/class.

    师傅,u r still the BEST!!!

  5. hi, i wanted to go for cake deco class and was intending to go to wilton. but i chance upon your post and now im giving it a second thought. perhaps they are too engross in the money making and quality is sacrificed? do you have any recommendation for me? thank you! (:



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