Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hot hot Porridge for my girls before going for their swimming lessons.

银鱼Porridge with Prawns and Mini Pork Balls.


My Nostalgic Lunch. 炒三丝with Egg over Rice in a lunch Box.
My mum used to pack lunch like that for me when I was working at OG Plaza Singapura after my O Levels exams coz I only had a 15mins break time.


Purple Sweet Potato Rolls • Mini Sausage Rolls

Very Ugly but Yummy Apple Roses Tartelettes

Very bad idea to make pastries on a hot day😥😥😥  My dough, my butter r melting....  Neither the last,  they still taste yummy despite of its ugly appearance😆

Healthy Yummy Dinner

•  Steamed Tofu with Minced Chicken & Prawns
•  Buttered Broccoli

Fun with the Magical 2-ingredients dough


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