Monday, July 19, 2010

I've got more Awards ;-)

Oh..... my little humble blog is being "awarded" by my dear baking-pal & blog-fren ;-)

A million THANKS to Fatmum & DG for these 2 beautiful awards :D
。。。谢谢。。。谢谢。。。 ;-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nyx's 7th Birthday Cake (3) ~ Cup Cakes ~

CuppieCakes for Nyx's Classmates & Teachers @ School
I made 2 batches of cuppies...
Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Crisco Cream
Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Vanilla Crisco Cream

Toppers r all flavoured Candy Melts molded with Wilton candy making technique ;-)

Transparent Plastic tube containers I found @ Phoon Huat @ SGD0.30 each.
I stickied the sweet-coloured pokka dots ribbons around all the containers last weekend ;-)
Everyone @ Class 1B will bring one of these cuppies home.... No goody-bag :P

BTW: I hate those "goody-bags" my daughters brought home after their classmates' birthday celebrations :P i hate all those "junk-tidbits" packaged inside :P and my poor daughters never have the chance to eat them anyway, as all will be confiscated by ME and all will go inside the dustbin after a while :P This is a "BAD" mummy here :P
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Nyx's 7th Birthday Cake (2) ~ ChessBoard Cake with Chocolate Chess Pieces ~

My Ah Lao posted this pix on his FB, quoting ~Chess is a piece of Cake~ :D
This is a cake combining my daughter's hobby & mine..... Nyx plays Chess in School... she is in the Junior Chess Club @ Northland Primary School.
Nyx wanted me to make her this Chessboard Cake (aka checkerboard cake) for her Birthday since few months ago... I wasn't sure if I'm able to do it... so I spent a few days browsing websites about this kind of cake. At first I tot it was easy... just need to buy candy mould can oredi... :D
Doing this cake take me many evenings to melt those chocolate... Its actually easier than molding fondant figurines.... but chocolate-melting is a messy task :P I dunno how much paper hand towel r wasted and every nite I have to bleach those kitchen hand towels as all r stained by my chocolate :D
I used chocolate compound for the "black" pieces as its much easier to melt & harden compared to high-cocoa content chocolate.... anyway, kids just love the "sweetness" not the % of cocoa content :P
Actually, I know nuts about chess game.... I dun even know how to display the chess pieces... so I got to get my daughter to be my adviser :P

These white pieces r melted with white chocolate compound.... very SWEET!!

I'm so satisfied with this cake.... everyone in school was like "WOW!! U MEAN THIS IS A CAKE & U MADE IT???" heheheee.... my lips swinging from left to right :D
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Nyx's 7th Birthday Cake (1) ~Strawberry Charlotte~

How time flies.... My baby Nyx is 7!! It's my 2nd time baking her personalised BD cake! This is Cake No.1... for celebrations with cousins @ Ah-Ma's House. She wanted a Heart-Shape Cake with Finger Sponge fencing around the cake so I can tie a nice ribbon with "Happy Birthday" wordings around the cake, making it look like a present ;-) Inside the cake, of coz, its her favourite Vanilla sponge cake sandwiched with layers of strawberry slices with whipped cream....
Nice ribbon with "Happy Birthday" wordings and nice "7" candle I found in JB last week.
Mini Fondant wordings cut-outs using my new FMM cutters.
I bake this cake using the Heart-shape cake tin from LH aka Fatmum. She bought it for me from her Batam Holiday trip few months back... see, my Baking-pal so nice to me ;-)
Here's the last slice of the cake... and its Nyx's 2nd!! I'm surprised the whole cake was gone! This is the 1st time we finish up the whole cake so far wor ;-)

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


1. U can eat it just like that.....

2. Or u can top it with lots of hundreds & thousands + chocolate kisses

4. U can also try with lots of golden ball-balls + chocolate kisses...

4. this is my favorite.... with lots of STRAWBERRIES!! YUMMMMM..... ;-)


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