Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nyx's 7th Birthday Cake (2) ~ ChessBoard Cake with Chocolate Chess Pieces ~

My Ah Lao posted this pix on his FB, quoting ~Chess is a piece of Cake~ :D
This is a cake combining my daughter's hobby & mine..... Nyx plays Chess in School... she is in the Junior Chess Club @ Northland Primary School.
Nyx wanted me to make her this Chessboard Cake (aka checkerboard cake) for her Birthday since few months ago... I wasn't sure if I'm able to do it... so I spent a few days browsing websites about this kind of cake. At first I tot it was easy... just need to buy candy mould can oredi... :D
Doing this cake take me many evenings to melt those chocolate... Its actually easier than molding fondant figurines.... but chocolate-melting is a messy task :P I dunno how much paper hand towel r wasted and every nite I have to bleach those kitchen hand towels as all r stained by my chocolate :D
I used chocolate compound for the "black" pieces as its much easier to melt & harden compared to high-cocoa content chocolate.... anyway, kids just love the "sweetness" not the % of cocoa content :P
Actually, I know nuts about chess game.... I dun even know how to display the chess pieces... so I got to get my daughter to be my adviser :P

These white pieces r melted with white chocolate compound.... very SWEET!!

I'm so satisfied with this cake.... everyone in school was like "WOW!! U MEAN THIS IS A CAKE & U MADE IT???" heheheee.... my lips swinging from left to right :D
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  1. Difficulty level 8/10. Sweeness 10/10! You are jst getting better and better! Looking back at your bake when you first started,you have already 超越你自己! 加油!

  2. 谢谢!谢谢!!谢谢你的鼓励...我会继续加油的 ;-)

  3. Hi sherynn

    Chess really seems like a piece of cake to you, lol.It seemed so effortless. Im sure anyone would be more than happy to have this lovely cake.

    I agree that chocolate melting is a messy task and having to mould them is another. Just wondering, where did you get the compound chocolate from?

  4. Hi Bakertan,

    Oh, Thanks for visiting ;-)

    actually i know nuts about chess hehehee :P the "effort" for this cake is all about the time taken. minus the "messy-ness", its in fact quite "a piece of cake" :P decoration is all about placing the molded chocolate pieces on the fondant-covered cake top and its my daughter who was telling me where to place which piece :D so Nyx is the decorator this time ;-)

    U can get compound chocolate from sheng shiong, phoon huat & sun lik (seah street, next to raffles hotel) they comes in a big block of 1kg. Dark chocolate & white chocolate. about S$6.50 for the dark and S$8.80 for the white.

    I also got the coloured & favoured ones from malaysia, JB (Bakewell, Diary master & ng meng huat) pink-strawberry, green-pandan, orange-orange which i used for the cupcake toppers. they r about RM1.50per 100g. and believe me, those from malaysia r much easier to melt and they taste much better than those we got here in SIN :P

    Dun ever buy the wilton candy melt which comes in various colours... they never melt!! so angry!! expensive & waste of time and $$ :(



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