Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Strawberry Cake for my Mum's 62nd Birthday

I did another Strawberry Cake (again!) Thanks to the Korean Strawberries season & its so loved by everyone in my family :D
I made a strawberry fresh cream cake for mum and decorated it with FONDANT!! I read from many bloggers saying that this is not possible as the fresh cream is too light to take the weight of the fondant... and the moisture from the fresh cream will damage & de-colour the fondant decor...etc... etc...
But I still want some nice "fondant effect" on this cake ;-) so I tried to do the colourful "生日快乐" on a piece of white fondant, then I "paste" it in the centre of the freshcream cake, decorated with a ring of apricot-glazed strawberries around it. Then I did 3 embossed pink colour fondant strips to stick to the side of the cake. The effect is quite neat leh!! ;-)
As this cake need to be refrigerated, I was surprised that the side fondant didn't "melt" at all :D It still stay neat for the whole day, till my mum cut the cake at almost 9pm last night. As for "生日快乐" @ the centre of the cake, it did "melt" a little and I'm glad I did the wordings on a piece of white fondant :D only the white fondant melted nicely into the white fresh cream but the colourful wordings still stay nicely, unmelted :D
My mum turned 62 on 23Jan10. How time flies!

Poor Ah-Mah Celebrating her birthday with my 2 gals only :( I think she missed her son & 2 grandsons who will all be in US for the next 2 years :(

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tessa's Birthday Cake No. 3

And here's the 3rd Birthday cake for Tessa! :D for celebration at grandma's place together with cousins on Saturday, 16 Jan.

This is my 1st mini fondant tier-cake attempt. ~我成功了~:D and I'm so happy that this cake was welcomed by so many "WOWs" from everyone @ Ah-Mah's house :-)
The Hello Kitty cutter from Jenn 几好用一下wor :D
....And here's a slice of the cake....
Confession time =P
I bought a pack of "Phoon Huat" Brand fondant and I coloured them pink with intension to cover the bottom layer of the cake. The top layer, I'lll be using my only pack of Wilton brand fondant. By the time I'm ready to cover the "pink" cake, TROUBLE!!! The pink fondant kept breaking up :( I knead and knead, some kept sticking to my fondant mat while the rest simply breaks up into crumps.... I just can't get them into the right texture :( After more then half an hour trying on the fondant, I GAVE UP!! I threw the whole pack into the dustbin X(
So at the very last minute, I colour part of my Wilton Fondant "PINK". Its already almost midnight and I realised I dun have enough fondant to cover the whole of the lower layer cake.. so I cut out 1 pc for the top part and 2 pcs for the side of the cake. It did cover well initially but by the next morning, the side pc start to slide down and as u can see from the picture below, there is a crack and the inside cake is exposed!! so ugly :(

I had only a tiny bit of white fondant left and i HOPE this idea works :D I rolled out 3 stripes of fondant and embossed it a little to make it look like a ribbon, then I stick them on the "crack" to cover-up the exposed area :D heheeheee... heng arh!!! it works!!! :D

And I'm so glad my 1st Fondant Tier-Cake attempt recieved quite a bit of compliments from everyone!

=*> ~ Thank You ~ =*>

Tessa's Birthday Cake No. 2

I promised Tessa I'm going to make her 3 birthday cakes this year :D
My little Tessa had her 2nd Birthday celebration @ home on her actual birthday, 15 Jan... This is my 1st tier cake attempt....

~Strawberry Fresh Cream cake, topped with a Hello Kitty Jello~
I did this in a rush... so I have no time to brush the strawberries with apricot glaze when Tessa came home... she kept asking for her 2nd Birthday cake... so I brought her the cake just like this, with a "star candle" from Daiso. I'm glad that she really likes the cake :D
...and here's a slice of the cake.... yummmy :D

My little Tessa Turns 4 :D ~Birthday Celebration No. 1: Cup Cakes~

Tessa turns 4 on 15 Jan, Friday. She had her 1st birthday celebration @ school on 14 Jan, Thursday instead coz her teachers were concerned that it will be too rushed for the children to attend the computer lesson which comes straight after the celebration. I made these batch of cuppies for the little children... they were all so excited & amazed by the Mickey, Minnie & Hello Kitty cuppies :D

Mickey & Minnie cuppies

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cookie for School Break

My daughter's own cookies with her own NAME :D
My Nyx just started her Primary 1 life this week. She is still not very confident to buy canteen food on her own coz she is no good with money although we had been training her for the past 2 years :(

I had in fact baked a container of oatmeal raisin cookies which can last for her whole week. I was surprised to find out after I'm back from a half-day trip to JB on Thursday that the whole container of cookies were GONE!!! all eaten up by my hubby who was working from home that day X-(

So yesterday, I baked this batch of cookies with my daughters' name... so they won't be "stolen" again =P
Tessa's breakfast this morning
Customised Cookies anyone??? ;-)

My very own Mint Plant :D

I felt very guilty every time I steal leaves from my neighbour's mint plant =P ..... so I decided to grow my own mint plant :D I bought this Wild Mint from a plantation @ Bah Soon Bah road, near Yishun where I stay... it cost me only SGD5.00!! and hubby bought the yellow flower plant to accompany my mint :D Hope they'll "grow" under my care =P

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ~ For Nyx's School Break ~

My Nyx just bought herself a Strawberry Yogurt Drink during school break... This mummy is so worried that her little girl will be hungry... so I decided to make her some butter cookies stuffed with lots and lots of oatmeal & lots and lots of raisin.... hoping she will get the most energy out of these cookies ;-)

Chewy, Yummy Cookies just out from my oven ;-)
*quick quick* I've got only 5mins to take pictures!! ;-)
i beg daddy to take these pics b4 i rush off to school which is only 5 mins walk from my block :D
** Daddy love these cookies too :D on Thursday, I went for a half-day trip to JB and the whole container of cookies were gone when I came back!! He was working from home that day and he finished everything up :D ahahahaa... didn't know my cookies r so addictive :D**


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