Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hot Hot Ball Ball Soup

Its Swimming day again.  Made this Ball Ball soup for my gals to go with Brown Rice before their swimming lessons😊

Lunch: Pizza Delivery

Made a Pizza for my girls lunch today using a "Miracle" 2-ingredients Pizza Crust Recipe. 😊😊😊

I used my bread maker to knead 1 cup Plain Yorgurt + 2 cups Self-raising Flour for 15mins.  Spread out on a baking tray, Add 料s, Top with mozzarella and cheddar mix.  Bake at 200°c for 15mins.  Done!😉😊💕

Yes!  I was doubtful initially but it really works!  At 1st I tried kneading with my hands but its too sticky and messy for me to work with... so I dumped everything into my bread machine and let it do the work😉


•  Steamed Boneless Chicken Thigh on Brown Rice
•  Spinach with Prawns and 银鱼

Lunch Delivery Service

Lunch Bento for my girls.
•  Steamed Egg Custard with Crabstick and Prawns
•  Chicken Fillet with Pinapple
•  Porridge
•  肉松 Pork Floss

Friday, September 12, 2014

3-ingredients Nutella Muffin again

Made these Nutella Muffins last nite for today's breakfast.

Super Easy with just 3 ingredients and my lovely yummy muffins r done!  I added banana chuncks and almond flakes this time.  LOVE!👍💕😊

Another 肉松Roti in different shapes

They r all Pork Floss Bread in different shapes. 

Love this recipe.  Bread is really soft and tionk tionk when its fresh from the oven.  It become dry the next day... however, this bread can still remain soft soft after 3 days!  Just need to warm bread in microwave at 50% power (mine is 1300watt) for 12seconds and the overnight bread is warm and soft all over again👍💕💕💕  I didn't try on the 4th day coz bread all gone liao😆

Lunch Delivery Service

Again, prepared and brought lunch bento for my gals.  3 of us had another Picnic outside school at HDB void deck...
● Steamed Red Snapper Fillet with 干贝,龙眼干&枸杞子
● Stir-fried LongBean with 虾米
Other mummies who walked pass and saw us eating were like: wah👀wah👀 wah👀... lol😁😁😁

Monday, September 1, 2014


Made another Non-Traditional Moon Cake😆

Orange and Purple Sweet Potato Mashed, Topped with Multi-grains😊😊😊💜 Healthly, Pretty and Yummy😊 Cheap Cheap too😁😁😁

Bread making using the Gelatinisation Method

Cranberry and Cheese Roll,  Topped with Almond Flakes.  Love the smell of Roti lingering around my house😉😆😊

1st time using the  Gelatinisation Method and am lovin' it😍💕🍞 Roti is Really Very Soft👍💖

Lunch Bento for my gals

Brought Lunch for my gals to picnic outside school again.  Salmon Baked rice with honey baked ham and buttered broccoli.  Yummmz....😆 They love✌💛😊


Nobody here at home like the traditional type of moon cake.   So I made the agar agar version again.  This time using 龙眼干•红枣•枸杞子, brewed with honey.  💕💕

Ham and Mozzarella Toast with egg

When everyone else already had their breakfast on my 赖床Day, I made myself this toast for my very own breakfast😊


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