Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ~ For Nyx's School Break ~

My Nyx just bought herself a Strawberry Yogurt Drink during school break... This mummy is so worried that her little girl will be hungry... so I decided to make her some butter cookies stuffed with lots and lots of oatmeal & lots and lots of raisin.... hoping she will get the most energy out of these cookies ;-)

Chewy, Yummy Cookies just out from my oven ;-)
*quick quick* I've got only 5mins to take pictures!! ;-)
i beg daddy to take these pics b4 i rush off to school which is only 5 mins walk from my block :D
** Daddy love these cookies too :D on Thursday, I went for a half-day trip to JB and the whole container of cookies were gone when I came back!! He was working from home that day and he finished everything up :D ahahahaa... didn't know my cookies r so addictive :D**

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