Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Strawberry Cake for my Mum's 62nd Birthday

I did another Strawberry Cake (again!) Thanks to the Korean Strawberries season & its so loved by everyone in my family :D
I made a strawberry fresh cream cake for mum and decorated it with FONDANT!! I read from many bloggers saying that this is not possible as the fresh cream is too light to take the weight of the fondant... and the moisture from the fresh cream will damage & de-colour the fondant decor...etc... etc...
But I still want some nice "fondant effect" on this cake ;-) so I tried to do the colourful "生日快乐" on a piece of white fondant, then I "paste" it in the centre of the freshcream cake, decorated with a ring of apricot-glazed strawberries around it. Then I did 3 embossed pink colour fondant strips to stick to the side of the cake. The effect is quite neat leh!! ;-)
As this cake need to be refrigerated, I was surprised that the side fondant didn't "melt" at all :D It still stay neat for the whole day, till my mum cut the cake at almost 9pm last night. As for "生日快乐" @ the centre of the cake, it did "melt" a little and I'm glad I did the wordings on a piece of white fondant :D only the white fondant melted nicely into the white fresh cream but the colourful wordings still stay nicely, unmelted :D
My mum turned 62 on 23Jan10. How time flies!

Poor Ah-Mah Celebrating her birthday with my 2 gals only :( I think she missed her son & 2 grandsons who will all be in US for the next 2 years :(


  1. Your mom should be so proud of you, having a special cake just baked for her.:)

    I've got an award for u and feel free to collect it from my blog. Thanks.

  2. haha! DG, u know what?? when my mum saw the cake, she praised Richard Goh instead of me wor!! Must go tell Richard to get the credit ;D kekekeee... Haiz... very difficult to get a *star* from my mum since young one =P i'm used to it liao!

    Thanks DG for the award. I got it & posted on my blog liao. 谢谢!



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