Monday, July 12, 2010

Nyx's 7th Birthday Cake (1) ~Strawberry Charlotte~

How time flies.... My baby Nyx is 7!! It's my 2nd time baking her personalised BD cake! This is Cake No.1... for celebrations with cousins @ Ah-Ma's House. She wanted a Heart-Shape Cake with Finger Sponge fencing around the cake so I can tie a nice ribbon with "Happy Birthday" wordings around the cake, making it look like a present ;-) Inside the cake, of coz, its her favourite Vanilla sponge cake sandwiched with layers of strawberry slices with whipped cream....
Nice ribbon with "Happy Birthday" wordings and nice "7" candle I found in JB last week.
Mini Fondant wordings cut-outs using my new FMM cutters.
I bake this cake using the Heart-shape cake tin from LH aka Fatmum. She bought it for me from her Batam Holiday trip few months back... see, my Baking-pal so nice to me ;-)
Here's the last slice of the cake... and its Nyx's 2nd!! I'm surprised the whole cake was gone! This is the 1st time we finish up the whole cake so far wor ;-)

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  1. Happy birthday to Nyx! Looking forward for your cake no (2)!



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