Thursday, February 4, 2010

I've got an award!!

DG had nominated me for the Happy 101 Award. This is the 2nd award for myBakez :D ~feel so happy wor~ :D Thank you DG!! ;-)
  • Having the picture of the award posted onto your blog, one should
  • Share the 10 things in life that make you happy with your readers
  • Pass on the award to 10 other bloggers who brighten up your day
  • Share the links to the 10 bloggers', as mentioned above, on your blog
  • Get the 10 bloggers informed about the award
  • Ask the 10 award recipients to relink their blogs to yours.

10 things that make me happy:-
  1. A nice shower
  2. A good sleep with my dogs next to me :P
  3. My gals finishing up their meals
  4. Creating and decorating Nice Bakes
  5. Took nice pix of myBakez
  6. Reading nice comments on myBakez
  7. Going to Bangkok
  8. Shopping in Bangkok
  9. Looking at myself on the weighing scale of lesser than 50kg :D
  10. When ppl says I dun look like my age ;-)

10 blogs that I would like to pass on:-
:( erm... i have not come out with the list yet... will do so soon :P

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