Saturday, February 20, 2010

大吉大利Mandarin Orange CheeseCake Pie

大吉大利CheeseCake Pie

I made this batch of Mandarin Orange CheeseCake Pie for hubby's gambling session @ his ex-colleague's place this afternoon. They r done on ready-made graham biscuit Pie Base, bought @ Cold Storage. Wonder did I peel, de-skin, de-fiber and de-seed the mandarin oranges? No lah :D I use canned mandarin oranges!! Made my life much easier ;-)
I like these mini CheeseCake Pie... do they look like flower petals??? ;-)

inside the cheesecake ;-)


  1. Yes, the mini cheesecake pies really look like flower petals. They are beautiful & yummy. :)



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