Friday, January 27, 2012

Henghua Mee Suah by my mama

I'm a Henghua. My great grand-dad came to singapore long ago from Putien, China. That makes me the 3rd generation Singaporean Henghua :D. but sorry, I can't speak the language coz no one speaks Henghua in sg anymore. I can still understand what it meant if I hear anyone speaks it ;-) but I can only respond in mandarin. hahaa...

Henghua eats this dish for every occasion. Since this is CNY season, we r eating it every other day lor :D

my mum will prepare lots of 好料 to go with the henghua mee suah.... the usual Henghua way! ;-)


  1. Hi Sherynn,

    Wow, your henghua noodle looks delicious! I'm married to a henghua too, so my Mother in law will cook this often. BTW, do you have a favourite shop for purchasing this meesua? TIA


  2. hi. thanks for visiting. my mum cooked the noodles, not me :P i'm too lazy to do all the preparaton work :P

    i think only lee hwa at jln besah sells it in sg. price is increasing like 20% every year :(
    if u go JB, the tidbits shops at City Square 2nd floor and 3rd floor r selling also. and price is very cheap compared to lee hwa.
    but my dad says lee hwa's noodles taste nicer. to me, no difference lah :D coz the liaos and soup r already very tasty ;-)



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