Monday, July 13, 2009

13 July 2009: Nyx's 6th Birthday

My Nyx is 6 today!

After Nyx ate those cupcakes+figurines I made in my Fondant making class, she placed order for birthday cake.

She wanted sport cars for the boys with their names on the cars; ballet shoes, princess crowns and magic wands for the girls... of coz I agreed!

My Princess Nyx is 6!

MeiMei Tessa on her left, best friend Ketian on her right

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Candles from BKK ~ only 40 Baht!
But they were melting away when lighted.. so we blew them off :(

Feel So Proud! I made these Cupcake!

Sport Cars on grass, with the Boys' Initials
The Drivers wear shades leh ;D

Ballet Shoes, Princess Crowns & Magic Wands for the Girls

I think the kids love these cupcakes i made :D I think everyone finished their cupcake before I left school... I brought Tessa home and Nyx stayed back as she had class to attend.

When I picked Nyx about an hour later, her teacher, Mrs Siva thank me (again) for the cakes! And she told me one of the boys actually kept the fondant car in his school bag! (Nyx will find out who is that boy tomorrow!)

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