Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 July 2009: Princess Rapunzel & Ben10 Cupcakes

Nyx's best friend in school, Ketian's Birthday is just 2 days from hers... just like any 6yrs old girls... they r all crazy over Disney Princesses fairy tales and they want to own whatever princess they come across...
I was having breakfast with Ketian's mummy last week and she wonder where to get a Birthday cake for Ketian with Princess Rapunzel?? As this was quite a old release from Disney Barbie collection, its rather mission impossible :-( Then I play hero again lor :P I volunteer to make birthday cake for Ketian, using icing image... but I will do only on cupcakes as to my experience, the icing images on cakes cannot be cut, so, the tiny piece of icing on cupcake go straight into the mouth :D
That evening, i spent almost 3hrs surfing the net, searching for Rapunzel images to be crop out so I can submit my order to for printing.... they need 3 days advance order for the images and so suay, the person was on leave... so I can only collect my icing on Saturday, 11Jul.

Then i copied and crop these pictures as my icing images.

14 July 2009: I started baking the cupcakes and mixed color to the butter cream as Sally (Ketian's mummy) ordered KFC meals for the class Lunch... and I need to deliver the cakes by 11.30am on 15 July.

Cupcakes hot from the oven

Colorful butter cream icing

There they go inside the pipping bags
Fondant fun... Pretty flowers & leaves...
(1st time trying out my plunger tools bought from JB) :D
I creamed all the cupcakes before I go to bed... then before I sleep, hubby asked me what decoration I'm doing for the Ben 10? I told him I'm pipping a ring of green and yellow stars around the icing images. He said boys dun like stars! Then he showed me a picture of the Ben10 watch he downloaded from web.. he said I should pipe a ring of Black icing instead =x
Then I get off the bed, took out my fondant tools and made these "watch rings"!! Have green and yellow light some more :)) haha! Not bad leh! Then I go back to sleep.... around 1am!
and Princess Rapunzel goes on the cupcakes
I think I got addicted to fondant... they created much better effects compared to butter cream
And there they go inside the boxes...

And they r delivered to the Birthday girl in school.... Sister Keyu & Ketian... Mummy Sally busy distributing KFC Kiddy Chicky meals to the children...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ketian.... ;-)

Lovely "6" candle from Daiso :D

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