Monday, July 13, 2009

13 July 2009: The Making of My Daughter's Birthday Cake

I started planning last Friday, 10July... I had stopped doing planning of my work ever since I stopped working 4yrs ago... See, I so serious! I write down the details on notepad wor :D

I started off mixing coloring to the white fondant... then i wrap them in cling wrap to prevent them from drying out...
See those little white balls? they r soon to be those ballet shoes :-)

Here comes the yellow sport cars...
black balls r the wheels
white balls r the drivers
flower cookie cutters does the shades :D
15 cars done-ded
Princess Crowns & Magic Wand in progress....
Figurines all Done :D
13 July 2009 9:00am
I started baking cupcakes... ya ya ya... I'm LAZY! I used pre-mixed cupcake mix from JB! since they r in the drawer for some time, I better use them b4 they expired!
This pack makes 33 cupcakes wor! Cheap cheap hor? :D
Cupcakes hot from the oven
My piping tips :D
Sport cars done, spot light fixed, initials embossed.
Ballet Shoes, Crowns and magic wands all done
....and There they go inside the boxes...
And they r delivered to our dear Princess Nyx..
Special credit goes to my Shifu, Mong ( for teaching me how to make those pretty figurines.... this happy mood wouldn't be possible if I didn't attend her workshop :-) ... and also THANKS to my dear baking pal Lifeng for recommending Mong's workshop to me.

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