Thursday, June 11, 2009

11 June 2009: Quiche ~ My Hawaiian Version :P

Modified from Richard 老师's recipe, I use Honey baked Ham, Pineapple, Edem+Cheddar Cheese for my quiche... as I felt that Edem is on the saltish side, I mixed 50% Cheddar, 50% Edem... Plus the sweetness from canned pineapple cubes balanced out the overall taste. Very Hawaiian lor.... Tessa says its Pizza :D
I baked for almost 45mins instead of the recommeded 25-30mins as I dun seem to get the "browning" on top initially...

Then I've got some left-over pastry... so wasted lor... so I made them into these mini cheese tarts.. its the same ingredients used for my quiche, minus the ham and pineapple as there is limited "tart space" :D The result is not bad! Nyx and Tessa say nice and wanted more wor!

I think this looked very much like Portuguese Egg Tart... Of coz I know Portuguese Egg Tart uses Puff Pastry... mmm..I will try tat next time :D ~ Puff + UHT Whipping Cream+ Egg ~

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