Friday, August 27, 2010

1st [FAILED] attempt on Dairy Whipping Cream

This is my 1st (FAILED) attempt using Dairy Whipping cream :P and wasted SGD 6.80 :( all thrown inside dustbin :P

I've only been using Pride & Rich's Brand of Non-Dairy Whipping Cream. But it wasn't available @ Fairprice... so my Ice-Cream making partner bought this EMBORG brand to try... but hor, why it turn out "curdy-curdy" one? feel so bad :( throw away her $$ :P In the end, I went back home to get my Rich's brand from my freezer.... then the creammy, creammy, swee swee, yummy yummy ice-cream done and put to set in her freezer liao. But I never take foto coz go to go out with family liao... :D
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  1. Hey Sherynn,
    You didn't have to throw the whole batch away. This happened to me too when I attempted my first whipped cream. The temperature was too warm that's why it curdled - the whipping cream became milk (the liquid) and butter (solid part). You can actually strain the liquid and keep the it as milk for baking, and the solid part you can keep as butter (it tastes quite good when you mix it with minced garlic - use as garlic spread).

  2. Thanks NEL... noted with thanks ;-) but dun think i will ever buy dairy whipping cream again :P i prefer the taste of non-dairy :P



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