Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pooh & Friends on log for Jesse's 1st BD

Deep in the hundred acres wood where Christopher Robin plays....

Pelyn wanted a Pooh Theme for Jesse's 1st Birthday Bash...

Testing testing.... showing Pelyn & Keith how the cake is going to be like.... But think they had difficulties trying to visualise what I'm talking about :P

1st time using Decor-set for my cake ;-) Effect is so GOOD!! save lots of my time molding "cheong" Poohs & friends :P And eating big chunks of fondant is too "Yucky" for Pelyn's family (and me too :P) At least, Jesse can play with the Decor-set as toys after the Party :D

I did the cake like tat only.... Then Put the Decor-set on top and the cake is DONE!! easy 吧?!?!!

Photo courtesy of Pelyn.... really glad that everyone love the cakes ;-)

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