Friday, December 17, 2010


hi! for those who r not aware, my 2 precious furry babies left me in october. :( sherry left me on 5 oct at the age of 11... and my dear dongdong refused to eat and also left me 3 days later :'( i dunno how much tears i shed and it still hurts me now whenever i tot of them. they were with me since sherry was 5 weeks old, and dongdong was only 6 weeks. they had been part of my life and i'm not quite used to life without them. sherry is not there to wake me up every morning anymore with her smelly paws..... dongdong is not there waiting for my hugs anymore...... worst still, no one is there waiting to sample myBakez anymore..... :( thats y i've not been baking. i miss my 2 fur babies!! very much! :(. baking is not the same anymore without sherry sticking to my feet when i walk around the kitchen.... i miss their sniffy nose.... i miss my sherry and dongdong :(


  1. So sad to hear that! My condolence to your lost! I can fully understand your pain as I'm a dog lover too. My oldest dog is almost 12. Hope the pain will cease as times pass. Take care!

  2. Thanks Wen! i love all your shih tzus too!! muaqzzz!



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