Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PineApple Tartz again

Its the time of the year again... CNY! Pineapple tarts r my fav. snack since young. its a must-have for me every year... but ever since i left seagate in year 2000, i can't find the taste of those very nice tarts my ex-colleage bought for me anymore. even those local hotel de also cannot be compared to those Lily bought from her JB friend who made them @ home. Till 2years ago, a lady from Richard's Baking class gave me this recipe.... Its very similar to those "very nice"tarts Lily bought for me long time ago ;-)
Trail run for my CNY production which starts next week :D
I love my "bite-size"pineapple tart! coz u can put the whole "flower" in your mouth and guest won't be dropping bits of tarts all over my sofa :P save my trouble cleaning up :P and someone was using my THIS idea i told her about last year, claiming that she tot of it!!! ANGRY >:( how could she tot of it and still making tarts double the size of this???
I tried the unsalted version for this trail run... Hubby love them and finished 2 containers in 2 days. He will blame me for his weight gain again!! >:(
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  1. Hi Sherynn, glad to find your blog. I see lots of beautiful cakes and delicious food. I'm happy to be your follower for more of your food ideas :D

  2. hi zoe, thanks for visiting and glad that u like myBakez! ;-) and thanks for following me too ;-)



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