Saturday, May 9, 2009

07 May 09: Strawberry Basket bouquet for my MUM

It's Mother's Day on coming Sunday...
My mum told me recently.... Korean strawberry tastes best!... although it's towards orangy in color, and looks as if its not ripe yet, it tastes sweet... compared to the USA lah, Egypt lah, Australia lah.... blah blah... all so sour :(
Was at Shop&Save on Wednesday and there were a few punnets of Korean strawberries on the fridge shelves... so I bought 2... maybe I should bake a strawberry cake for mum... Present + Cake... 2-in-1 :D so cheapo!! :))
So again... my same pattern, I bake a 6-inches sponge cake... cut into 3 half-inches thick slices.
I layered the sponge cake with strawberry mousse, stuffed with lots of halved-strawberries. Then I position the top layer with whole strawberries, then I brushed them with apricot gel... so they look shinny-shinny :D The sides r lined with finger sponge (ladyfinger... used for tiramisu) and to prevent them from falling off the cake, I tied a ribbon around the cake, which makes it look like a present :D
Result not bad hor?
I delivered the cake to my mum, who stays with my brother now... I think mum is happy and gave me 2 mangoes in exchange?!?? Make no sense :P
Brother saw the cake ands say I PRO leh!! Me Very happy of coz!! :">

Then, as usual, lots of left-over of cake, strawberry and cream... so I made these for my gals! And they LOVE it! and I'm glad :)


  1. Indeed very pro! Well Done!! Hmm...mangoes...ur mum hinting you to make mango mousse cake!

  2. Thanks! Ladyfingers & nice ribbon r ready-made products bought from Phoon Huat :P

    Ya lor... I think so too :D So next week, i making mango cake liao :D



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