Monday, May 25, 2009

25 May 09: My 1st Fondant attempt

Lifeng forwarded me this site@ and everything there seems so interesting lor.... so I signed up for a Fondant modeling workshop. Too bad, Lifeng's colleague already took leave for tat day so she is not able to join this workshop :(

The class is fun... only 4 person in a class. Fees is only @ $100 including tools, a packet of wilton fondant & 6 pre-prepared cupcakes.

We learnt 6 pretty looking figurines: crown, baby booties, bee, car, handbag & elmo... fun fun fun :D

1st we start off making a crown... but I was too engrossed and forgot to take picture... then we make the baby booties....
  • Roll out 2 white balls of the same size
  • Use a dog-bone tool to dig a hole in each ball
  • Pipe ribbon on the booties using tip no.3
  • Decorate with golden ball-ball
Here's the "Chanel" handbag :D
  • Roll out Fondant to about 1/2cm thick
  • Press quited plastic moulding sheet on the rolled-out fondant using rolling pin
  • Cut out 2 "rectangles" - 1 for front of bag, 1 for back.
  • Roll out another fondant sheet of about 2mm thick (for the bag flap)
  • Roll out a tiny stripe for the handle
  • "Glue" all bits and pieces together using water :D
  • Decorate with golden ball-ball

Buzz buzz Beezzz....
  • Roll out 1 yellow ball - to shape of a giant tick-tac
  • 1 long black stripe for the body stripe
  • 1 short black strip for the sting
  • 1 "m" shape white fondant
  • roll the black strip on the yellow oval-ball, using water to stick
  • white "m" shape fondant for the wings
  • use edible marker to dot the eyes
  • use any rounded cutter to shape the bee's smiling mouth
  • dig a hole at the back of the bee and place in the sting

Sport Car

  • roll out 1 blue fondant ball, shape into a oval shape
  • 1 smaller tube-shape as spoiler
  • 4 black balls as wheels
  • 1 white ball as the driver

Mong recommend the "Shinny brand" stamping set... can use to stamp any alphabets on fondant :) but please.... its meant for fondant work only... do not use as its original purpose :D


  • 1 round red ball as head
  • 1 oval ball as body
  • 2 tubes for hands
  • 2 tubes for legs
  • 2 white balls as eyes
  • 2 black balls as eye-balls
  • 1 orange ball as nose

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