Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hubby's 37th Birthday.... Cakes with compliments from Marriott, not ME :D

It was my hubby's BD and I remembered he received a complimentary Marriott Hotel Pastry Shop voucher from Citibank.... we have no idea at all why the bank sent us this voucher at all :D anyway, since I have no time to bake him a cake... I might as well redeem some HOTEL CAKES for my DH.
Best thing is that the Hotel staff also have no idea where this redemption came about... they were overwhelmed by the sudden group of people coming to their counter with the cake voucher I had in my hand :D anyway, I got myself 4 slices of cake & a fruit tart....
Raspberry Chocolate Torte
German Black Forest Cake
Chocolate Brownie with gold coins
Chocolate Opera Torte
Mixed fruit Tart for Tessa since everything else is CHOCOLATE!!!
BTW: remember my little Tessa is nut allergy?

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