Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vol Au Vent with Lemon Cream

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I was browsing FoodGawker again... and guess what? I had craving for those many-many layers puffy Vol Au Vent pastry :P And I remember I have some frozen cases in my freezer and I made these.... really fast! everything is done within 20mins or so.... :D
Thaw those frozen cases on table top while u Preheat oven @ 220°c... then bake for 7mins, take out of oven and brush the top with some egg wash. Then put them back to bake for another 5-6mins. When done, leave them to cool on table-top....
Then u prepare the Lemon filling... I use the 2mins Jell-O solution :D
Add the whole pack of Jell-O powder with 300ml of milk and mix for 2mins using a electric mixer @ high speed.
Lightly Dust the Baked Puff-ed cases with some snow powder. Then fill the hollow with some Jello Lemon cream.... and they r DONE!!
But I feel that my fussy Nyx will not be satisfied with just THAT!! so I added some cherry topping :D And I've got this can of Cherry Pie filling in my baking cabinet for sometime oredi... I better use them b4 they expire (again):P
The Effect is kind of 画蛇添足to me:P BUT Nyx might like them this way... KIDS!! they just like colourful stuff!! dun they??? ;-)

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