Thursday, October 29, 2009

Strawberry Crepe Cake ~ My version of Strawberry Kueh Lapis ;-)

The Daring Bakers August 09 Challenge topic was on Dobos Torte which featured so many yummy layered crepe cake in chocolate flavour. It reminded me of the slice of multi-layer chocolate cake I ate at Pacific Plaza Mall in Gold Coast many years ago.  I never see that type of cake anymore anywhere else.... until few months ago, FoodGawker lure me back to my memory then....

The instruction posted by all the Daring Bakers r seriously, very complicated!  I searched many sites & library books hoping to find some simplier version but... :(  boh leh....

Today, I did this cake ~MY WAY in less than 30minutes!!  NOT KIDDING!! ;-)

I did my 56 layers Strawberry Dobos Torte!  Yeah!
(Supposed to be 60... minus 4 for testing/tasting =P)

But I think the "anyhow decorate" cake looks quite ugly =P

Ok folks,  I confess.... I'm a lazy person and I love ready-to-eat stuff!!  I bought 2 packs of this ready-to-eat Crepe from Cold Storage few days ago!  and here's the secret of how to make the "complicated" cake in 30mins!

What u need...
  • 2 packs ready-made frozen crepe (10 sheets per pack ~ 20 sheets total)
  • 250g Strawberry flavour Candy Melts or Strawberry Compound
  • 250g any type of cream ( I use Nestle Brand )
  • Remove Crepe from packaging, break up the crepe sheet by sheet, be careful not to tear them
  • Stack them nicely, as neatly as possible and cut them into 3 equal potions (so u will get 60 sheets from the 2 packs)
  • Melt Strawberry Candy melt using the Double boil method.  When all melted into a smooth paste, add in cream, stir mixture till everything combined without any lumps.
  • Lay a sheet of Crepe on a grease proof paper, using a silicon brush, brush some "strawberry ganache" on the crepe.  Stack neatly on top, another sheet of crepe.  Repeat for the rest of the 58 sheets....
  • Put in the fridge to set for at least 20minutes and its done.... Decorate as u wish!

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