Monday, October 5, 2009

Green Tea Strawberry Cake

It had been a while since I last bake a cake...
I was very attracted to the Green Tea Strawberry Shortcake baked by Wen's Delight I was at Liang Court yesterday having lunch with my family. I was at Tampopo Deli starring at the Yummy Green Tea Chiffon Cake featured in Wen's Delight... I was about to buy 2 slices for my gals when Nyx stopped me... Mummy, its $5.80 leh!! SO EXPENSIVE!! She shouted wor :D Ok then, Mummy will bake a cake like this for u :D hahaaa...
I bought a pack of Croquant from JB last month and it had been sitting in my baking-cabinet since.... SO, today I decided to "copy-cat" Wen and bake this cake :D
Inside the cake is 3 layers of Green Tea Sponge Cake, sandwiched with Whipped Cream & Strawberry Slices. The whole cake is creamed with Kraft Coolwhip Whipped Topping, topped with strawberry halves. Side of cake is decorated with Croquant.
I bought this ready-whipped topping from Cold Storage last nite and I used half the tub for this cake. I love the taste of this whipped topping. It tasted very much like vanilla ice-cream. As stated on its label, Fat Free, 0g Trans Fat.. so I will swallow as much of it with no guilt :P

Very satisfied with myself for completing everything within 2hrs from baking till decorating of this cake + washing up :D I'm just done with it and it shall stay to set in the fridge till tomorrow.

6 Oct 09: My slice of cake for Breakfast :D

Verdict: Kraft CoolWhip topping is too moist for cakez.... as seen in the picture, the center piece of sponge cake had been too moistened and flattened by the whipped cream from its top & bottom. I guess I will not use this whipped cream for my cakes in future. I would say it will perform better if used in those cup-dessert e.g. Parfaits or Layered Pudding Mousse Dessert, or use it just as a topping for cakes and pies when a little amount is required since its so conveniently packaged.


  1. Hi Sherynn,

    Nice cake! This cool whip looks interesting, shall get one to try it out too.

  2. It's too bad you weren't overly happy with the whipped cream! I would have been over the moon if you said it was really yummy in the cake because it looks good and is fat free!

  3. oh! thanks for visitng :D
    minus its overmoist texture, kraft coolwhip is really convenient and the taste is great!

    maybe i should try it on 2 thicker slices of cake, instead of 3 the next time. ;>



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