Tuesday, September 29, 2009

花好月圆 Part 2: 仙草冰皮Agar-Agar Mooncake...

Continuation from my posting this morning, my 仙草(Grass jelly) Mooncake Agar-agar is done. I really enjoyed making this lot of mooncake... very satisfying!!

Personally I dun fancy mooncake of any kind... be it, the traditional ones, flaky ones or the 冰皮. Just like what my Italian ex-boss said.. "how can a saltish duckie egg yolk blends into the taste of a sweet cake???" I agree with him :D

Inspired by http://y3kfreerecipes.blogspot.com/2009/09/banana-coffee-jelly-mooncakes.html, I did some modification (as usual :P)

Ingredients used by me

Egg yolk
  • 500ml Carrot juice
  • 3 tsp Agar-agar powder


  • 600ml Soybean milk (2 packs of Vitisoy)
  • 4 tsp Agar-agar powder

Pandan Skin (Green Colour)

  • 1000ml water
  • 150gm Sugar
  • 3-4 Pandan Leaves (knotted)
  • 1/2 tsp Pandan Paste
  • 5 tsp Agar-agar powder

Grass Jelly Skin (Brown Colour)

  • 900ml Grass Jelly drink (3 cans of F&N Grass Jelly)
  • 5 tsp Agar-agar powder

Instruction is the same for all... simply put all ingredients in a pot, over low heat, bring mixture to boiling point. Remove mixture from heat and pour into mould.

egg yolk in fillings done

I use this ice-cube tray to mould the "egg yolk" and the silicon muffin tray to mould the fillings. Life is so much easier using the silicon mould as the filling slides off effortlessly just with 1 press from the back. I failed my 1st attempt using the traditional metal-type of muffin tray as the filling simply refuse to come out of the tray. Finally with all the pressing & knocking, they were all damaged by the "impatient" ME :D

I should say they look good and the taste is refreshing. Besides the high sugar content, I prefer eating these than the traditional mooncakes... at least, they r totally sweet... nothing saltish in them :D


  1. Hi Sherynn,

    Wishing you and your family A Happy Mid-Autumn Festival :)

  2. Thanks DG. Same to u and your family ~中秋节快乐~ :)



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