Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CupCakes for NO Reason :D

For No Reason, I started baking again :D....
I wanted to try if I can make some nice cupcake with nice icing which can stand in this HOT, HIGH HUMIDITY weather in Singapore.
My Icing experiment involve my home-made strawberry jam of yesterday's posting.... Using a electric mixer, blend everything below till smooth and creamy...
  • 100gm Strawberry Jam
  • 150gm Crisco Butter Shortening
  • 50gm Strawberry Candy Melt (melted using double-boil method)
  • 1 tbsp Meringue Powder
  • 1 tbsp Strawberry Dessert Paste
Not that bad... I like the taste of this "non-weather-melting" & no-need refrigerating icing formula :P Its creamy and not so sweet.
Then I oso wanted to stuff this delicious icing inside the cupcakez like the what the fellow FoodGawker-ers did.... I'm not equipped with an apple corer here at home so I used a cookie cutter to "dig" the hole in the cupcakez :D

I recalled an old friend of mine talking cupcakes to me the other day... Of coz, she is a non-blogger and non-FB user :P She told me she ate a Chocolate cupcake topped with a Chocolate Ganache Swirl at a wedding dinner and it tasted HEAVEN!! then she asked me if I know how to do that Swirl??? OMG! will she faint if she'd seen the pictures posted here & on my FB? haizzz...
....just like ME and what I always say... I'M SO BAD!!! ;P

My 1m Swirl woo standard boh??? :P
Decorate as you like...

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