Monday, September 28, 2009

cuppies again.......

As requested by my gals, they will these PINK cuppies after dinner tonight :D
NO... no more undecorated cuppies!!! :P
N is for Nyx
T is for Tessa
1M Swirl again =P


  1. Hi Sherynn,
    How did you get you get your cupcakes so flat?
    I've tried so many different recipes and experiments and every time, I still get domed and cracked tops. Please share your secret....

  2. I think I used Optima (Sponge Pre-mix) for this batch coz my kids love soft, spongy cakes. actually these cuppies did pop up a little domed but I pressed it down flat so easy for me to decorate :P sponge texture is easier to "re-shape" :D

    Otherwise, I usually do with 350g self-raising flour, 80g sugar, 1tsp vanillin powder, 5 eggs & 150g melted butter. Bake @ 180degree for 20-25mins. This recipe makes about 20-36 cuppies, depending on the cup size.

    I fill the cup only slightly more than 1/2 cup full. To get a neat cuppie, be careful, not to let any batter touch the side of the cup when u fill the batter in. I will tap the all the cups on table-top, then I will insert my cake tester into the cups to make a few stir... to make sure there's no big air-bubbles trapped between the cup and batter. All my frens faint when they see me do all these "steps" all think i siao :D

    check-out my experiment on

  3. Thanks so much for the tips and advise. I will try them out this weekend :) If still doesn't work, then must be my oven liao....

  4. ;-) most most welcome ;-)

    someone told me b4 must put on the lowest rack when baking sponge texture kind of cake.... but my oven works better on the middle rack... and only can do 1 tray at a time... cannot put in more... result not nice :D

  5. haha. at least you have option to put on different racks. My oven is a convection microwave oven - only one level. I usually have to bake my sponge or chiffon cakes at 150c or 160c otherwise it will brown too quickly on top. Maybe time to get a traditional oven...



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