Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Reason Cupcakez Part 2...

Actually I made 24 cupcakez yesterday.... experimented with 12 and the other half to play with today. Someone complaint my cupcakez of yesterday posting was not up-to-my usual standard wor!! So today I re-do my designs using Fondant :D
Yesterday's butter cream icing was merely a demonstration of my 1m Swirl on cupcake... :P
My cupcakez r inside my cake carrier container for 20hrs and its strange that the ones in white cups r peeling on their own, while the ones in silver cups r still intact. I bake this batch in the same tray, same oven, same timing.. using same ingredients. But u realised that the texture are different too? The cracks on top of the silver cup shows that the texture is much drier compared to the white cup, which is more moist. Do aluminium cups conduct more heat into my batter to cook the cake faster than the white paper cups?

Since the some of the cakes already peeled off on their own, I decide to slice them into 3 pcs and sandwich them with Varlhorna Chocolate, Dark 70% + Cointreau & my Strawberry jam icing of yesterday's posting.

Then I make chocolate cups with intention to hold the cupcakez, but I FAILED :'( The chocolate cups simply refused to set due to the alcohol content of my added Cointreau. So I just "glue" the sandwiched cupcakes back to the chocolate cups.

My 1st time doing Fondant Ribbon on cuppies... look so sweet! like a present :D
Fondant is FUN! and its effect is SO GOOD!
And here's my newly-designed cuppies shouting for ATTENTION!!!

There they goes inside my cake carrier container, waiting for my gals to attack!

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