Monday, September 21, 2009

Vol Au Vent

I saw this ready-made puff-pastry cases @ Cold Storage last week. Oh! So convenient!!
I recalled an aunty @ Richard's baking class asking him what is the difference between those ready-made pastry and those we make on our own?? Richard's very classic answer was " 买的就不用自己动手做咯!!" hahahaaa... so funny:D

This is really so simple... I prepared everything within 25mins!
Just need to thaw the pastry sheet on table-top for 10mins while I pre-heat my oven @ 220c. Then I boil eggs and thaw my frozen stuff. Brush the pastry sheets with egg wash. Place the pastry in the oven for 7mins while i shred the cheese and prepare the fillings. Then take out the half-baked cases, put in the fillings, topped with cheese and bake for another 10mins. Done! :D
Whats in the cases?
  1. Prawns
  2. Mashed hard-boiled egg with mayonnaise dressing and shredded crab-stick
  3. Diced sausages and shredded crab-stick

and i topped all the above with 50gm of shredded cheddar cheese & a tiny stem of broccoli flower

The taste is as good as its looks!

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