Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kulfi ~Instant Ice-Cream, the Indian way~

This Kulfi is very nice!! My girls love it so much and they each finished 2 cups after their dinner and wanted more.......... But somehow, I feel that the texture is just NOT right.... I dunno what went wrong and I just realised while putting this up here, I actually got the ingredients TOTALLY WRONG!!! =P
Frankly, I was so attracted to this Glittering Raspberry Kulfi by Delicious Delicious Delicious. I had never heard of Kulfi before... I dun even know how to pronounce it:P so I did a google search of what it was. This Instant Ice-Cream making instruction seems so easy and I so much wanted to make them for my girls' dessert tonight :D
I remembered I bought a blender many months ago.... maybe more than a year ago to be exact =P and I just opened up the sealed box this morning just becoz I wanna make this Kulfi :D heheheeee.....

just opened!! ;-)

新的wor!! still in plastic!! :D
How come my Kulfi just won't get frozen?? Its still runny although it was in the freezer for at least 7hrs??!!??

HHAAAA!! Becoz I used Condensed Milk instead of Evaporated Milk LAH!! X( Lousy Me X(

Mr. P's Instruction:
Buzz in blender 1 can 410g Evaporated Milk, 1 handful of Frozen Fruit + 2 tbsp Caster sugar


No wonder the texture is not right!!! Becoz I got everything wrong!! :P Forgive me for what I did but the dessert turned out tasting very nice!! At least, my 2 precious princesses love them ;-)

I will re-do the correct version tomorrow ;-) this is seriously Instant, delicious home-made ice-cream :D

Thank you Mr P. of Delicious Delicious Delicious

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