Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oreo CupCakes

Happy Easter.... I have a whole list of things I wanna bake for Easter but.... but.... no time leh :( and I'm finally done with these Oreo Cupcakes in Ice-Cream Cone :D Hope my gals will shout "I LUV U MUMMY" when they see these tonite :D
This Betty Crocker pre-mix is egg-less and oil-free wor ;-)
I bought this Bunny-Stand from B-I-Y yesterday... its so cute isn't it??!!
and that box of pre-mix makes so many oreo cuppies!

more variation intersection ;-)


  1. I think the cupcake would win many hearts especially kids! Well.. it had at least won mine :)

  2. thanks tracieMoo ;-)
    yup! i'm glad that the kids love them :D



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