Sunday, March 14, 2010

My 2nd Matcha Tiramisu

Not satisfied with my 1st Matcha Tiramisu..... so I did the 2nd one ;-) This time I didn't dip the savoiardo in the matcha syrup, instead, I lay them neatly in the cake mould 1st, then I brush the matcha syrup lightly on them. (I've learnt how good the "soaking power" of the savoiardo in my previous attempt liao :P)
Ingredients and method same as my 1st Matcha Tiramisu but this time, I've also added 1/2tsp of gelatine powder, dissolved with 1 tbsp of warm water to the curd the filling a little. This made the filling more manageable for me in this hot Singapore weather.

1st time using my Daiso "coffee-art" stencil ;-)

I think they look much better time time ;-) Not sooooo Wet :P

I think I had fallen in love with Matcha :D I love the taste, the smell and the colour..... :D

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