Friday, March 12, 2010

My 1st Matcha Tiramisu

I made a Matcha Tiramisu last nite. I sliced it up this morning and was quite disappointed with the result! :( The cake was too dampened with the green tea syrup. That "soaking power" of the Savoiardo must be too good :D I think I will not dip them in green tea syrup in future... instead, I should just brush some syrup lightly on the savoiardo... think that will do ;-)
Anyway, the taste is very nice!! I will make my 2nd attempt on this cake soon ;-)
see, the matcha syrup is oozzzing out!! :( as usual, the left-over filling makes my little Matcha Tiramisu cuppies....
12 Savoiardo Lady's Fingers
Matcha Syrup
1 cup hot water mix with
1tbsp Matcha Powder then set aside to cool, then I add in
1 tbsp of Cointreau
125g Mascarpone Cheese
2 tsp Matcha Powder
150g Non-Dairy Whipping cream
2 tbsp Cointreau
Whisk whipping cream till soft peak, set aside.
Whisk mascarpone Cheese till soft, add in matcha powder
Add in half the whipped cream to the softened cheese, mix for a while and add in the remaining half till combined, add in Cointreau and you'll get that filling done.
I dipped the savoiardo in the matcha syrup but I suggest you just brush the syrup lightly on the savoiardo will do and then lay them neatly on the cake mould. Then spread half filling on top. Then lay another layer of savoiardo, then spread the remaining filling on top. Put in the fridge to set overnight.

and that all made a 挺差劲 but 挺好吃的 Matcha Tiramisu Log cake :P

watch out for my improved version soon lah :D


  1. Hi, first time visiting your blog.

    I made a matcha tiramisu too :) Instead of dipping the sponge fingers into syrup, I poured it over using a teaspoon as I feel I have better control.

  2. Hi Blessed Homemaker,

    Thanks for visiting ;-) Thanks for your advise too ;-) I did another matcha tiramisu using the "brushing" method... will put up the pix soon after I decorate it later. :D

  3. hi,
    just wondering that what is cointreau?
    ^^** love ur blog so much~


  4. Hi ann ann, thanks for visiting.
    Cointreau is a orange-based liqueur which has a very sweet aroma and fruitty to taste. It can be added to desserts and chocolate for nicer taste ;-) see picture... the bottle look like this..



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