Tuesday, February 28, 2012

27022012 Dinner

Watercress Soup in the making...
Watercress, Dried Silverfish, Red Dates, Wolf berries, Pork Balls with mushroom Plus, sunk to the bottom of my slow-cooking pot is the flesh of 1 sweet corncob and 2 carrots, diced into 2cm cubes. I will boil 2.5 cups of water with the corn flesh and carrot 1st. Pour into the slow cooker set @ high. Put in the rest of the ingredients and let the pot do the rest of the job for at least 1.5hrs. NO ADDITIONAL SALT OR ANY OTHER SEASONING IS REQUIRED!!!
~~~ D O N E ~~~
Nyx's Term 1 (CA1) Test next week... I'm giving her lots of Omegazzzz to keep her brain working :D See the Salmon Oils oozing out of the flesh?? :D
Omega Overloaded Steamed Salmon Fillet

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