Saturday, February 11, 2012

Singapore Chilli Crab by my Hubby

Hubby bought me a RangeMate Multi cooker for microwave as Valentine's Day Present :( sianz... zzzz.... LOL :D

He used it to cook American Ginseng Chicken soup last sunday for dinner. Today, he used it again to cook Singapore Chilli Crab with 15 Lala (some species of shell fish).

Looks more like his own toy rather than mine =P haha!

Anyway, with idoit-proof premix by Prima Taste, Rangemate cooking is a breeze! We can enjoy yummy Chilli Crab at home within 15 mins, including preparation time and cooking. No mess, No sweat :D and can eat as "unglam-ly" as i wish... without worrying ppl staring at me digging into the crab shells :D. hehee...

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