Monday, February 27, 2012

Steamed 7-Up Pandan CupCakes

I was laughing out so much watching Dr Jiajia's Singlish 17. Inspired by Dr Jiajia's "I Kiwi, not Kway Neng" video, I steamed some green kway neng goh for my gals today :D Hehee...

I browsed the web for some simple recipe and came across DG's blog. I did a little modification coz i'm making Pandan version instead of Matcha.

4 Eggs
1/2 cups Caster sugar
1.5 cups Self-raising flour
1 tsp Pandan Paste
50ml 7-Up or Sprite

Use high speed beat eggs till fluffy, add in sugar and beat till soft peak
Add in Pandan Paste till no "marble-effect"
Fold in Flour till well-combined
Add in 7-up till well-mixed
Pour into cups/moulds
Steam for 15mins

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