Monday, August 24, 2009

My Humble Equipmentzz

My friend Gina asked me a good question few days ago.... "so did u upgrade your baking equipments after all these baking-craziness??!??" haha! I almost redo my whole kitchen like Lifeng:P but I didn't in the end... as I still have not figure out how to live without a kitchen for 1 week... and how to live with 1 week of mess.. and how my dogs go toilet?? etc...etc... :P so wait till I figure out how 1st lah :D
I started this baking hobby since last September... I dun have much fancy equipments... Just my $24.90 Morries brand mixer from Shop&Save supermarket and this Ariston oven left behind by the previous owner of my flat... as it was fixed with the kitchen cabinet.
See, all the markings on the oven panel are gone... I "agar-agar" re-labelled them when I moved in the flat 2yrs ago.
Whenever my dad come by my place, he always asked me if I use "that oven"? I said to him"NO leh" for more than 1yr... He kept repeating... "你要用leh!不然会坏的leh!" Ok..Ok! I promised him I will use it....
Then after my baking-craze started, I've abused it totally :D Now, whenever he call me or visit me, he always say "又在做cake arh??" Think he regretted what he had repeatedly asked me to do! haha!

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  1. Hello Sherynn. I found your blog because I was looking for instructions on how to use an Ariston built in oven just like yours. I really appreciate the photograph of the control and I wonder if it's possible for you to send me a photo of the other two? My husband and I are staying in an apartment in Lisbon and all the markings have worn off. Thanks so much in advance. (P.S. your baking looks delicious!)



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