Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to the World of my Cookie Cutters :D

Ever since my baking passion started last September, my baking gadgets just kept growing... It started with those baking tins for cakes... now, its the cookie cutters... suddenly I realised I need to organise them oredi as I dun remember what I owned?!? Did I buy too many?? haha! 那里买得完的?
I started my collection from those mini shapes plastic cutters.... and they just grew...
I bought this set from a Spotlight sales last year and I dun have a chance to use them yet ;P
And I become an ADDICT to cookie cutters after seeing Mong's collection =x Me and Lifeng started buying more and more from &
生日快乐 cutters from JB :D
...and here r my collection of plungers :D
And I did organise them well here :D


  1. I think I must get something similar like yours to stock up all my cutters! Yes....买不完!I jst went Giant to get a box and throw them inside.

  2. yes!! we must buy "house" for our "toys" :D
    i bought my box from courts @ $17. I saw similiar ones @ popular @ $20+.. think carefoure oso have but can't remember how much

  3. Wouw so much and so neat! Thanks for sharing this idea. :)



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