Saturday, August 1, 2009

Online shopping for my hobby :D

I'm getting more 走火入魔 into my baking hobby... and an addict to Fondant modelling :P I had been searching around for nice impression mats but those out there for fondant are too expensive and designs are too limited... so I divert my search to clay crafting tools which I think fondant and clay are similar stuff and their tools should be similar too...

I found "Makin's Clay" impression sheets on the web which is quite popular in the US for clay crafts but its not selling in any of those crafts shops @ Bras Basah :( So tempted to buy from as its only USD2.56 per pack and some more, buy 2 get 1 free! but shipment back to SIN is at least USD19 lor :( no choice, I bought locally online from which is a clay crafting studio @ SGD9.00 per pack... heng, I grab the last pack of SET B meaning I'm now the owner of all 5 sets :D

I oso bought a set of Christmas novelties cutters and mini star, heart and circle plungers for my future cookie & fondant experiments :D

See... so tiny!! exactly what I had been searching for.. baking suppliers dun make plungers this size!


  1. Hi Sherynn! Its amazing how you have created such wonders with fondants and icing! They look absolutely marvellous! Great work!



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