Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teachers' Day Presents ~ Flowers & Hearts decorated Cookiezz

Continuation from my posting on Monday... Those Chocolate Chips cookies r being decorated as follow :-D

On Tuesday nite, Nyx told me she want to give her teachers FLOWERS wor :( But my cookies r already baked! HOW??! Then I persuaded her we still give flowers, together with my cookies... so I did flowers decoration on cookies :D ... and finally, but very 勉强ly, she agreed :(

4 in a pack for each teachers

Packing time... All go inside zip-lock bags as soon as the fondant r "glued" on the cookies... else they go 漏风very fast =X

Finally done @ 0130hrs this morning! Total: 21 packs of 4s = 84cookies!

Tired... sleeping time....z.zzzz.zzz..zzz.


  1. Very pretty cookies, I'm sure this will brighten up the teachers' heart. BTW, would mind to share that how do you stick the fondant to the cookies?

  2. Thanks! :">
    To stick the fondant on cookies, just brush a little corn syrup or any type of syrup on the cookie then put the fondant on it. I use Tai Koo brand golden syrup as I can't find corn syrup @ Fairprice.

  3. Hi Sherynn

    They are so lovely and too pretty to be eaten... BTW is it possible to stick the fondant onto the cookies by using apricot gel?


  4. Thanks! I have not try apricot gel but i feel that it might be too "curdy" or lumpy. Honey can be an alternative?

  5. Your cookies are SO cool! I love them!

  6. Goodness what teacher wouldn't choose your flower cookies over a bouquet anyday. They are really lovely.
    Happy Twirls

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