Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ben10 Watch again

Was Trying out my fondant on Ben10 Omnitrix watch again! The smaller Omnitrix watch was did by my hubby wor :D He said my cheong Ben10 Watch look weird so he tried his own version... heheee... Not bad rite?? at least I think it looks nice! But hor, my gals preferred my version leh! hahaa....

This lot was given to my Sister-in-law's twins, Jay & Jeff at my in-law's place last Saturday. They took the watches into the room to play and ate all up b4 my sister-in-law took picture of them ;-) luckily I did after they were done at my home b4 bringing them out :D
Surprised the twins preferred my version too!! hahaa... maybe the kids feel that watches should be in "round" shape instead of "square"??? :D
Sorry Keith, I didn't have them fixed on your cakes as I didn't know how to place them on the cuppies... they just look weird... I promised your mum I'll make 1 using clay so u can keep them as a toy.

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