Thursday, November 12, 2009

Playing with Fondant :D Imitation Ben 10 watch by me =P

Cheong Ben 10 Watch!! by me :D
I've got an order for Nyx's classmate's brother, Keith's birthday on 24Nov for a Ben 10 cake. I agreed to this order as its a just super-simple 30 cupcakes order with Ben10 icing images. So I went Ann's shop, Bakewell @ JB (again :D) to get the ready-made icing images yesterday.

Trying to add some "FUN" to the simple-order, and since I'm quite free today, so I tried making the Ben10 watch using fondant... heheee... since I have 2 girls, I know nuts about boy's toys! so I imitate this from some one's fondant cake pictures published by google images search ;-) so the rightful owner, pls dun sue me for copyright :D

Keith's BD is 2 weeks away... so come back 2 weeks later to see the actual cake lah ;-)


  1. Well Done! Looks real to me :)

  2. oh thank you DG for the encouragement! i never tot i have anything to do with boys' toys until now :P heheee....



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